montreal travel diary

So this past weekend my hubs and I took our first trip away from the little man since he was born, and it was SO nice to have some time to ourselves. I've been really feeling burnt out, because there just seems to be no down time. I'm always either working or changing diapers and making food and playing with trains. And there always seems to be someone who needs me - like as soon as I sit down after putting Hunter to bed at night, my bulldog (George) always decided to get up in my face with his most annoying whine. Every. Single. Night. Ah!! It was time for a break.

For this trip I decided to make the most of it and a book a really nice hotel so that I could really enjoy my trip. I feel like I've had it with booking cheap hotels and not enjoying my stay. And I did NOT regret staying at Hotel William Grey at all. It was so f&cking good. Like actually the nicest stay I've had anywhere, ever. (and the Prime Minister was there the day we arrived too !!) It rained almost the entire trip, so having a nice room with a nice bath and shower and cozy bed, with amazing room service was the best thing ever. We even had a balcony with a stunning view of old Montreal. I would highly recommend staying in Old Montreal too, just because it feels almost like you're in Europe, without having to get on a plane - because I hate planes. There are so many cute little boutiques and restaurants. I swear my husband ate like 7 times a day each day we were there because there was just so much yummy food to eat (I just really wish they had a raw vegan place or a special healthy smoothie place in Old Montreal - I was dying for a smoothie!! And if the smoothie place was inside an amazing minimal boutique, I would die. Can someone please open one up!?) I was pleasantly surprised though that at the hotel they made lattes with unsweetened almond milk. It is actually SO hard to find that. I've never seen it anywhere else!! And it made my stay so much better because I got to spoil myself and I didn't have to regret my decaf unsweetened almond milk lattes at all. They also have this amazing rooftop patio with the most beautiful view, and it the few brief moments of sunshine over the weekend we headed up there for some delicious calamari and sweet potato fries. YUM! 

We also did a lot of wandering around in the rain and so my hair was kind of a major disaster (which is why you wont really see many photos of my head from this trip), but apart from the hair situation I had a lot of fun. I would definitely recommend Montreal and Hotel William Grey- so if you're thinking of a little weekend getaway, check it out. You wont find anywhere else with a better staircase (it's marble and there is nothing better, seriously!)


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