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So, these past few days I've been on a bit of a cleanse. I've always struggled with food sensitivites and skin problems, but lately I've been getting a weird rash, so even though I already eat super healthy, I've had to start a cleanse to get rid of unwanted sugars in my body. So basically now I feel like shit. All I want to do is go to bed and wrap myself in something cozy, and maybe watch some netflix? But that's just not how life is, is it!? There are orders to fill and emails to be sent, and blog photos to be taken! 

But anyways, as for my diet, I'm now on a strict anti-sugar, pro-gut health diet. I'm eating mostly veggies and some meat (because I used to be vegan but have since discovered that my tummy doesn't like flax or nuts or seeds...which are kind of a staple when you're vegan). And all I want to do is go to the health food store and buy some kind of yummy protein bar that tastes like chocolate. MMmmm. So I guess I'll just go have a salad instead? Or maybe some broccoli. It's actually not so bad, I'm just wallowing in self pity right now. 

Which brings me to my blog photos. This is pretty much what I like to wear to the grocery store, or the mall, or to the health food store for that matter. It's cozy and comfy and stylish and perfect for busy mamas. This sweater is SO warm and structured and chic at the same time, so of course, I'm in love. And it looks great dressed down with sneakers, or up with some cute loafers or heels. Definitely a piece I'm planning on wearing often. And I might just shoot it again next week! Outfit details below. 


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