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There's something to be said for developing your own personal style and really sticking to it, instead of just following trends. The older I get, the more I realize what I am comfortable in, and what I'm not. I'm a casual girl at heart, and I love nothing more than an oversized sweater with leather pants and a great jacket. Like, if I were a clothing item, I'd be a pair of leather pants. I seriously love them that much. So my general uniform tends to be some variation of this, especially when I'm feeling tired (which is like ALL the time now). And there are endless variations for this look, because a different sweater or oversize tee or hoodie, with a different jacket and different shoes and bag, is an entirely different outfit, even if the base of it is really the same. So expect to see a lot of this variation...because I don't think that my formula for my perfect outfit is going to die anytime soon. I'm just too comfortable with it, and sometimes you just don't feel like breaking out of your comfort zone, am I right? 

Outfit details below. 


jacket zara  /  sweater similar  /  pants aritzia  /  bag daphny raes

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I love it! It’s the perfect casual yet put-together, classy style that can be worn over and over and appreciated anew each time. It’s great to have a “uniform” because you know you’ll always look your best!

Julie February 21, 2018

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