natural beauty

I'm always on the look out for new natural beauty products, so I'm excited to share these newbies with you all, because they are really some awesome (and beautiful) products. As of late I've become fixated on only allowing beautiful (and functional) things that I love into my home, because I don't want to spend money on anything that doesn't add to my space. We don't need more stuff, what we really need is to be more careful what we buy, and buy carefully, not only to keep our spaces from becoming too cluttered with product, but to also be more sustainable in the way that we live. 

Totally crushing over all of these products from Lilah Beauty and Terra & Co. Not only are they packaged SO well, but also natural, healthy, and sustainably made. Win win, non?! I love how the aglow face mist makes my skin look dewy and fresh, and the highlighter is seriously the best I've tried. The lip colour is also such a natural finish and colour that it's quickly become my favourite. I always prefer a natural makeup look, so anything that makes me look like I woke up pretty is a winner in my books. 

The Terra & Co Toothbrush is my newest lifestyle obsession, because I wish every lifestyle product could be so thoughtfully, and beautifully created. Seriously, why can't everything be this pretty?! It's definitely a different experience brushing with black charcoal toothpaste, but I love how it's not only healthy, but also fits my monochrome aesthetic.   

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