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So, I've been meaning to post more 'mommy' lifestyle based blogs, but do you know how hard it is to photograph a toddler!? He just never stops moving. And if I try to pick him up for a photo he wriggles his way out of my arms as fast as he can. We can't shoot outside either, because the minute those little feet hit the pavement he's off running - so how am I going to get him to stand next to me against a pretty white wall!? ha. I'm in awe of some of these mommy bloggers who manage to get such amazing photos of their kids.I just find it easier to do style shoots because (usually) there's no screaming involved. life. 

Anyways, I kind of obsessed with this new vest from Oak + Fort, and this amazing clutch by X Nihilo. And luckily they go perfectly so that I could shoot them together. I just love how versatile this vest is (and the bag too actually!!) - I'm picturing it with shorts and a cami in  the summer, and a turtleneck and jeans in the fall. Right!? So many options. And versatility is key. The best pieces are always the pieces that you can wear with everything. I hate to have to struggle to find an outfit that goes with a specific piece. Just throw it on and go! I dressed this outfit down a bit with a loose sweater and distressed jeans, but you could definitely wear it with a dress and heels too and look super chic. 



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