new in the shop.

So I have been very busy putting together a new collection of product for the shop, mostly inspired by my life, my son, and everything I see online and on the streets. I really focused more on travel (because I'd like to) and a lot of positive thinking phrases, because we could all use a little pick-me-up sometimes. I try to surround myself with only things that I love and that inspire me, so that's what this collection is all about. 

One of my favourite new products is definitely the Market List magnetic notepad! It's so cute, it makes me feel like writing my shopping list is more glamorous. It's at least a little more enjoyable when you're writing it on something pretty, no?!

I am also in love with the Hello World art print, because I love seeing hello in so many different languages, one of which is personal to me because my husbands family speaks Polish, and I think it is important that we learn about other languages and cultures! It also makes a great conversation piece when people try to figure out which languages are there. 

Check out these photos of some of the new product below! And check them out in the shop here



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