new tools

My hair has always been a struggle for me because it's not only fine, but it's also super curly - which just doesn't really suit my aesthetic, you know? So having amazing hair tools is SO important, not only to keep me from damaging my hair too much, but to make sure that my hair is always styled well, since it doesn't style well naturally. (ps. Don't you just hate those girls who have naturally perfect waves in their hair!? Agh, I'm jealous of those girls.) But these new tools from T3 micro are making me have more good hair days than bad - and I'm in love! I've finally been able to get the soft natural wave I've been looking for, and there are so many options with different kinds of curls! So you can get a more natural loose wave, or a voluminous curl, or whatever you want. The options are endless, and I'm still trying out all of the attachments. But seriously, these white tools are so pretty they are putting my other tools to shame. I feel like now I need to renovate my whole bathroom to look as nice as they do...I wish!

You can check them out here 


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