new year. new hair.

I have always had fine hair. And especially since I started dying my hair, it has been extra fine, which drives me crazy! The only time in many years that I've been happy with my hair was when I was pregnant, because of all those lovely hormones that grow your baby and also make your hair thicker. But then it all fell out a few months after Hunter was born and I've been struggling to get my hair confidence back. To be quite honest, normally I wear it back in a low bun, and just wash and style when we shoot because I don't want to damage my hair with excess styling.

So I was walking through the mall with Hunter recently (because when it's cold I'll take him to the mall to walk since I hate the cold), and I stopped at the Glo Couture Extensions kiosk because I'd been curious about it for awhile. OMG. I'm so happy that I did! The sales girl put it in my hair, and while I'd been skeptical before she did, I was shocked at how good it looked and how much prettier I felt. I pretty much decided I'd buy it like right at that moment. I figure it's an investment in my self esteem, no?! 

What I really loved about these extensions is that there is no commitment, and it seriously looks like it's attached to my head, but it's not! No clips. No glue. No damage. I'd been considering other kind of extensions for awhile, but I always decided not to because it didn't seem easy, and people always told me I would damage my hair. And this was easy, affordable, and looked amazing. SOLD! So I can still wear my hair back in a bun when I'm feeling lazy, but when I want to spice it up I can put this in really quickly and feel pretty. The only thing that I don't love is that I can't straighten it with my hair because you'll be able to tell it's fake then, due to the length and the slight colour difference - my hair is slightly whiter, but I might tone it to match. It probably could be straightened and look good if you had longer and darker hair. 

So if you've been looking for a solution to your hair woes, definitely give this a try, because my mother in law legitimately thought I'd spend 1k on real extentions. But this is way better and cheaper, because glue in extensions destroy your hair and if you have fine hair like mine, will often look stringy. Ew. So check these out! Seriously. 

PS. this is totally not sponsored, I just love the product. 


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