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Happy New Year babes!! I've been taking it a bit easier over the holidays, so I haven't been posting too many new blog posts. It's also because I'm SO tired from the pregnancy - only 4 weeks to go!!! I've been seriously living in this outfit, not only because it's really great camouflage for the bump, but also so comfy. I'm feeling huge and wishing I could have a regular shape back so that I could wear something other than leggings and joggers though. I've actually already bought 2 pairs of post-baby jeans because I know I'm going to want to get right back into them as soon as I can! Not that I don't love my leather pants (I DO!!!), but when you don't have a lot of options, it can be frustrating. Especially when I need to style different looks every week, and I'm not feeling skirts lately with this cold. My belly is also getting so big that it's popping out from under some of my sweaters, which presents another fun problem to solve. Gotta love being pregnant! I'm just excited to meet my new little man, and get a more regular shape back so that I can feel more like myself. Because for some reason pregnancy makes me feel a little bit crazy. I hope it's not just me that feels this way, but every time I'm pregnant I seem to buy I just can't stop! I want everything, and there seems to be no stopping me, whereas I normally have a bit more self control. Like my coat situation is bit insane this season. But at least that means I won't have to buy many new ones next year, right!??

Also, I've been busy working on the new nursery, so watch out for that reveal coming soon :)

Outfit details below!!


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How much did you size up your aritzia leggings to be able to wear during pregnancy? I want to wear mine so badly but my ones from before are just too tight but you look amazing in them!

Thank you!

Nicole Vigneux January 05, 2018

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