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When I found out I was pregnant, one of my biggest concerns was where the heck I was going to put this baby! We have a house, but not a large house, and because I also run a business, I knew I was going to have to give up my office for this little human, which is not ideal when the plan is to continue running the business. So I decided that what I had to do what create a dual purpos office/nursery. So this is what the nursery half of the room looks like. It's taken quite a lot of organizing to make this happen, because with my business comes a lot of product and packaging and just general business stuff that I needed to make room for elsewhere, in addition to shifting around the furniture to remove what used to be there so that I could make room for baby stuff. 

Overall I'm super happy with how this has turned out! I love how minimal and yet still functional it is for baby. When planning a baby room, I always look at the decor as temporary, because in less than 3 years we will be transitioning to a 'big boy' bed and moving stuff around yet again. That is why I decided to go with wall decor that is easily removed, so I've fastened the bulbs to the wall using a 3m removeable hook, and 3m velcro strips for the sleepy eyes, so that when we redecorate, we don't also have to repaint or hide holes in the wall. I also like for most of the furniture to be non baby specific, because again, babies don't stay babies for long, and I want to be able to repurpose as much furniture for the future as possible! This is why I've used a simple IKEA shelving unit for storage, and the acapulco chair for seating (although this may soon be moved to the other half of the room to make space for the nursing chair which is still in my other sons space). I'm also using an IKEA utility cart that is not pictured to hold extra diapers and baby things, and what I love about that cart is that it is perfect for also storing toys, or business supplies in the future - gotta love multi-use items!!!

Below I've listed some of the items and where you can find them, as well as some of my favourite destinations for baby stuff. Enjoy!


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