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We all have our style struggles. Whether it's that we're too tall or too short, or to big or too small, whatever it may be, everyone has something. For me, my biggest style struggle is definitely bloating (secondary issue being I'm so tall that pants are a challenge). Since I was a teenager I have struggled with a bloated tummy. No matter how little I ate, or how healthy, it just hasn't really gone away. I've been drinking celery juice and eating only fruits and vegetables for over a year and still, I struggle, maybe a bitt less, but it's still there. It affects what clothes I'm comfortable in, the fits I prefer, and even the colours I wear (I'm looking at you black). I have learned over many years of trial and error what works and what doesn't for my body, and this is often just dependent on how bloated I may or may not be that day. I will often wear oversized tops and chunky knits to camouflage it, and joggers and leggings, because let's be real, when you're bloated, buttons are not super fun and generally make me feel badly about myself, and frustrated, so I've learned to avoid them wherever possible. But when buttons are a necessity,I always opt for high waisted, especially since I'm tall. Between that and my casual work & mom from home lifestyle, I've ended up with a very casual minimal style, that includes a lot of joggers and knits (and coats...because the best way to hide a bloat is with a hoodie and a great coat!)  So whatever the issue, it's just about finding the right clothing that makes you feel good in your skin. 

Here are some of my current fave winter looks!



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Love love love your look and style!! Where do you find your clothes?

Sandra Di Salvo March 21, 2020

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