One of my favourite ways to dress is in oversized silhouettes. Not only is it really easy, but it's cozy without being sloppy - as long as you add the right details. It could look sloppy if you wear oversized sweats and sneakers. That's why I like to pair an oversized sweater with leather details. 

It's been like -20 every time we go to shoot lately, so I've been reviewing our photos and realizing that all my outfits look the same because not only do they all include a giant scarf, but they all seem to be majorly layered outfits. It's just what I do in the cold I guess. I gravitate to cozy. I just can't shoot a t-shirt with a light jacket in this weather (although I've tried and it's awful). I'm SO looking forward to some warmer weather and some sandals instead of scarves. But by fall I'll probably be begging for relief from the heat - trust me. Wondering if maybe I should move somewhere warm...but not too warm. Suggestions?


black sweater oak + fort / grey sweater H&M / grey long sweater zara / sunglasses & watch the 5th / scarf oak + fort

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