statement accessories.

These shoes are killer. I am in love. They are soo pretty! I love how they elevate a basic black 'mom' jean and make them so cool. And add in a fantastic watch? BAM! Amazing outfit. I'm all about basics, and so black jeans, white top, leather jacket, are pretty much a staple of everyday outfits. And what's great is you can throw on a sneaker for grocery shopping, or some badass shoes like this for date night. 

So, I have to admit, when I first looked at these photos, I was like, umm...were the mom jeans a bad idea? Somehow they remind me of some people I'd rather not look like (AH!). And maybe they are not the most flattering jean, like I wouldn't wear them when I'm feeling bloated, but I do like them when I'm not bloated! They are comfy, and I like them with a crop top because it feels super 90's and I love the nostalgia of that. 

So I guess the lesson of the day here then is that you should wear awesome accessories, and you shouldn't wear mom jeans when you feel bloated. Got it?


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