#stayhome style

It's been quite a month, no? Who else is tired of feeling trapped in their home!? I feel like my style is getting lazier everyday now. I like to be comfortable, especially with the kids, and I really  I have zero reasons to get dressed up now. I worked from home before, so that part of this is usual for me. I'm used to being at home a lot. What I'm not used to is not being able to go to the grocery store or mall to get out of the house, or even to the forest now (with them closing down all the parks where we normally walk). Now it's really just playing in the driveway and walks around the neighbourhood that are keeping us sane. If you're at home with small kids too, you know how this is. Working is like a vacation in comparison to dealing with small children (also while trying to work simultaneously). 

So these are a few of my current looks on rotation, and of course I wear a lot of variations of them. 

Here are links to a few of my favourite stay at home pieces for parenting, and putting together easy, functional outfits.

leggings  toteme  aritzia

sweatpants  aritzia  aritzia 

jogger sets  leze the label  tkees

duvet white terry home

 sneakers everlane adidas nike 

sweatshirts crew neck hoodie acne

puffer aritzia 

blazer oak + fort








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