styling your backpack

In case you missed the memo, backpacks are not just for kids anymore. I love how practical they are and so cute too!! I'll be hauling this babe around all summer, because it's perfect for carrying toddler snacks and diapers and all that stuff you need when you're a mom. And Hunter loves this backpack. He keeps saying 'mommy backpack! Hunter backpack! And then we wear our backpacks together like a pair of cool kids.

This babe from Daphny Raes is by far the most beautiful backpack that I've seen because the styling and details and quality of the leather are just stunning. I also love that she's another small business owner and I love to support other women in business! Especially ones who are so talented, and definitely headed for major success. She's actually just launched a kickstarter page for her new collection, so check that out here (because you get 40% off the price of the bag if you pre-order !!!)

If you're unsure about how to style a backpack, or whether you could pull it off (because I have heard before that some people my age feel like they are 'too old'), here are a couple examples of how you can rock it from casual to a little bit fancier, and not look like a kid. I love it with leggings, for trips to the grocery store or wherever, and with a poplin skirt for a more fresh, summery look. Just because you are wearing a fancy outfit, doesn't mean you have to wear a fancy bag - you can totally mix it up with an amazing backpack. Just go for it!


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