Finally it feels like summer! One of my favourite things about summer is definitely getting out into nature to enjoy all the greenery and of course all the amazing blooms. 

Unfortunately this summer I haven't been getting out as much as I like because I've been struggling through morning sickness with my current pregnancy. SUPER fun. But now as I'm almost 3 months, the dark cloud of nausea is finally lifting and I'm starting to get out more to enjoy the weather. My husband has also been busy building us a deck so that we can really enjoy our backyard for the first time since we moved in. Yay! Thank goodness for husbands and handy father-in-laws. And maybe I'll post some photos of it when it's all done and styled - it depends on how a good a job they do ;)

I've also been a bit lazy with the blog posts, so soon I should be back to normal speed and of course posting some bump photos once my bump has properly popped. (because right now I'm in that weird in-between stage where I just look really bloated - not super hot)

So happy summer to you all! I hope you are all getting out to enjoy the sunshine. 



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