tee and coat season

My favourite weather is when you can comfortably wear a tee and a coat. It's not too hot or too cold, because in Canada, you can easily freeze your ass off in the winter if you try to just wear a tee under your coat. I actually think that Australians have it best because their winter is like spring here! Maybe I should consider a move... Anyways, I've seriously been living in this outfit lately because this coat is just perfect and joggers and tee are so easy for mom life and appropriate for school pickup/drop off. I don't like having to change my clothes from going out to coming home all the time when I'm busy between work and mom duties during the day. So easy basics are a must. Here are some of my spring mom basic must-haves below!


The basic tee / uniqlo / modern essentials / kotn

The black joggers / H&M / legoehilo

The casual mule / bald / Gucci / atp atelier

The long coat / zarananushka


Bag from Oak + Fort




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