the basics

A white shirt and jeans are pretty much staples of my wardrobe - they are just so easy! And easy is my thing. I just don't have time to stress about putting together complicated outfits so I always opt for casual basics. You can never go wrong with basics! Also I picked up these loafers at Forever21, and I'm in love! I wish I could afford the originals by Gucci, but that is not really in the budget, so fast fashion will have to do for now. 

Also, I'm kind of sad that these jeans are no longer going to fit soon because my baby bump is really starting to grow, which means I'll be living in loose and stretchy pants and dresses soon. I'm cool with that though! I actually told my husband that we have to shoot these pants before I'm too big to wear them anymore, because there probably wont be any jeans on my feed for quite awhile. So now I'm preparing my collection of black joggers now to pair with everything for fall. Not only are they comfy but if you style it well it looks chic as f&ck and not sloppy at all. Sidenote, who else is getting really excited for fall!!???? All I want to do is buy coats right now...

Outfit details below!


jeans similar  /  shirt similar  /  shoes (I got mine at forever21 but they're not available online) gucci  / bag daphnie raes



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