my creative process.

For some reason, whenever I get super busy with packing orders, I also seem to get super inspired to design a new collection. Which pretty much means I'm getting a lack of sleep because I'll stay up until 2am painting when I should really be sleeping. But you just can't help when you get inspred! Mostly I get inspired when I'm laying in bed trying to sleep at night, so I'm constantly writing notes in my phone (which drives my husband crazy because he says no phones in the bedroom, but I sneak it in after he goes to sleep). But my creative process basically looks like a big mess of paper. Whether I'm working on an art print, corporate lettering or custom name signs, it all starts with a little ink to paper and an idea. And sometimes it takes quite a few tries to get it right. And by a few I mean A TON. It's also dependent on my mood, so often if I'm feeling blah, my lettering just turns out blah, so I have to walk away and come back to it when I'm feeling more inspired. That's just the creative process though! 

For the new collection I've really been inspired to create more positive and humourous prints that people can enjoy in their homes - mostly minimal still, but with subtle pops of pink, because that's pretty much the only colour that I'm tolerating in my space right now (apart from green plants, which happen to look amazing with pink!). I've also been super inspired by a new 'bird of paradise' tree that I bought, so I'm super excited to debut that new print! I'll be launching some larger size prints because that's just what I want, so I figured people out there also are looking for that (you can also always request a larger size of any of the prints on my site). 

So stay tuned for the new collection - coming very soon!


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