the deep freeze

Sorry. It's the same coat again, and a very similar outfit to some others I've shot lately...but honestly I just LOVE this coat and jogger style. And it's perfect for this insanely cold winter weather we are having. Gotta love temps at like -25, non!? Amazing. Love freezing my ass off. In all honesty though, it makes shooting a nightmare, because not only is it SO cold, but also the snow is not melting and slush is just not terribly photogenic. So sometimes I either opt to shoot inside, or I just take a little break from the content. This time, I just happened to take the opportunity to shoot because the light was right, and I just get frustrated when I can't shoot any content for awhile, so I took the chance even though I was legit freezing to death. Also, just to note, sock sneakers are an excellent winter sneaker option because it totally circumvents the whole bare ankle or sock showing issue. I will definitely be wearing these ones a lot. And may even buy a second pair that are slightly more exaggerated, because a girl can never have too many sneakers, right?

Outfit details below!


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