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The holiday season is one of my favourites, because it's the season of spending time with family and getting cosy. It is also the season of giving (and getting!), which I love. So I put together this list of gifts that you may want to give, or to get for yourself because you've just been SO good this year. I could honestly add so many more things to this list, but I tried to keep it a bit minimal. The products in my last blog post from Lilah b. and Terra & Co would also be excellent gifts. The links to all the products are below. Happy shopping babes!

1. Acne wool beanie 

2. Grown alchemist intensive body cream 

3. Holi water 

4. Summary Fridays face mask 

5. Replica 

6. Ivory throw 

7. Wool Scarf 

8. Cat eye sunglasses 

9. Fares vero drop earrings 

10. Cropped tank / briefs

11. Naked Cashmere Joggers

12. Goop Clean Beauty 

13. Equa water bottle

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