the mama + babe gift guide

So, people always tell me that I'm hard to buy for. I am NOT hard to buy for, I just have a discerning eye. Is that such a problem? I don't want lots for Christmas, but if you're going to buy me something, why not make it something that I really want, and that suits my style, no!?

This year I'm thinking of outfitting my whole family in matching bear sweaters from the wild kids apparel, crazy? My husband saw the one I got for Hunter and he wanted one too, so I thought, let's all get one! I just love wearing sweaters around the house in the winter, and fun graphic sweaters even more. Check out this one from Hearts and Krafts too, it's amazing! And the perfect gift for the modern mama in your life. 

So here are a few of my favourite items that I think would make awesome gifts for all the awesome & stylish ladies & babes on your list this year. 

Happy Shopping!

1. Scarf - Aritzia

2. Balmain Wallet

3. Mojave Ghost Perfume - Neiman Marcus

4. Ring - Tarin Thomas 

5. Basket - Boutique Le Mechant Loup

6. Awesome diaper bag - Little Minimalist

7. Marble Teether - Otherware

8. Melo + Co Market List Notepad

9. Melo + Co Sleepy Eyes set

10. The Wild sweatshirt

11. Wooden memory tiles - Boutique Le Mechant Loup

12. Copper Shelf - Umbra

13. Tofino Towel - Indigo

14. Swell Marble Water Bottle - Indigo

15. Letterfolk letterboard

16. Rudsak gloves


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