this hip kid.

He doesn't know he's cool. All Hunter knows is that he's hungry constantly and loves to scream and throw grass at mommy. Toddlers can be so crazy, but we love them anyways because they are just SO cute. Especially in adorable tees like this one from Tiny Love Design.

The craziness also makes it super hard to take their photo though. I have so many blurry photos of this kid running. After we took these photos my husband asked me why most of the photos didn't include Hunters face - the reason? Because he keeps running at me so fast that he's too close for me to get his head in the photo! AGH! 

Anyways, I love dressing Hunter in black, white and grey. Not only is it super modern and cute, but he stands out from all the other kids in their crazy colours. So it's easy to spot him at the indoor playground we go to. One problem I find though is that sometimes people are confused about his gender. I do not get this. WHY!? He looks like a boy, no? But it seems that some people think that boys wear blue and girls wear pink, or something like that. The black and white throws them off. Does this happen to other moms, or is it just me? Maybe I need to get him a badass tee that says BOY so that people won't be confused. 


Tee Tiny Love Design Pants Dudes N Dolls

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