white shirt + leather

If you want an easy look that is classic and cool, this is it. A great pair of leather pants with an oversized white shirt and a pair of sandals will take you from work to evening, and is one of my favourites for sure. And there are endless variations. Switch up the sandals for sneakers, or try a more structured shirt, and you have a totally different look. Or even throw on jeans instead of leather pants and it's still a perfect casual cool look. This shirt and these pants are my absolute favourite basics right now. They're just too good, and so versatile. And versatility is key when you are buying quality items.

Outfit details below!


shirt magali pascal / pants hilo  /  shoes zara  /  bag Haus of mana


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Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

mzvxkfkeia March 11, 2021

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