winter beauty faves.

I tend to have dry skin and hair all year round, but especially in the winter. So I thought I'd share some of my current faves for keeping you hydrated and beautiful in the cold winter months, because when you're a busy mom you need easy healthy products that keep you looking good, and are easy to use. I certainly don't have time for major beauty treatments or crazy expensive product! These products are all affordable and healthy. Perfect. 

I recently found the brand Carina Organics, and I'm kind of obsessed. Not only do I love the products but I love the packaging! And packaging is important to me. I'd prefer to have something pretty that I can keep out, rather than hiding all the ugly stuff away in drawers to be forgotten. Pictured in the photo is the daily face moisturizer, the leave-in conditioner, and the shampoo, but I also have the regular conditioner. Love them all! I find my hair is softer after using them, and my skin is loving the daily conditioner. It's also organic and natural and that's a HUGE plus for me. It's important to avoid all those icky parabens and nasty chemicals that get into the environment. 

Arbonne is another one of my faves. I have been using their foundation for years (and it is the only one that my skin has ever been okay with - and also paraben free!), but I recently tried the makeup primer and it's AMAZING! My makeup goes on so much better and looks more natural, and my skin is more hydrated too. LOVE it! 

I also am a big fan of lip balm and a good lipstick to keep the moisture in my lips so they don't get all cracked and gross. My favourite is one that my mom bought my from Melaleuca, but it's super annoying that you can't just order without being a member. But I do love how it keeps my lips so soft! I've found with some balms there's a burning, and then an hour later my lips are dry again. This one legitimately keeps my lips moist without having to reapply every half hour. I also buy most of my lipsticks from MAC and Makeup Forever (pictured). But I find I always need a good base of lip balm first, otherwise my lips still get all cracked. EW!   

Stay beautiful lovelies!



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