winter wear

For many years I would refuse to wear a parka unless it was a snowstorm. Even when it was like -20 outside, I'd still be in my leather jacket. Freezing my ass off. But back then I don't think there were as many good parkas as there are now, and so now winter is thankfully much more stylish, and much warmer! In the Canadian winter, you really do need warm practical clothing, but I've never been terribly good at practical. That's why I've got bare ankles when everyone else has socks...but at least I have a parka now, right?! The great thing about the stylish parkas that are available now is that you can style them more effectively with dressy items, and they don't look so boring. Especially this one with the shiny texture. I just love how it pairs with leather pants and a hoodie or turtleneck, and then you could either wear boots or flat or sneakers and you're good to go. So many options! This is currently a go-to errand running look, because when you're out and about with small children in the winter, a warm coat and comfy shoes are a must. 

Outfit details below!


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